Zrínyi Library in VRML

For reconstructing the library in a 3D digital environment we chose the VRML programming language which has been widely used in the world of Internet. Naturally, the virtual environment we created cannot compete with the photorealistic view of the modern computer games. On the other hand, its great advantage is that it was created for the Internet.

Therefore after downloading a - generally - free software or plug-in it can immediately be used directly from the browser. The 3D Zrínyi Library contains a large number of elements therefore it belongs to the huge ones among the VRML applications. It means that it requires a fast CPU, a video card with a strong 3D ability and extended memory capacity (preferably 512 Mb).

We recommend to use the free CosmoPlayer VRML software.

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In the virtual space slowly rolling in and occupying the screen, the visitor can move around in a way familar to those having a Cosmo Player.3D model of the table
A special feature of the programme is that by clicking on the spine of a book of the collection arranged on the shelves, the book chosen "flies" to the bookstand on the table. When clicking on the cover a book placed on the bookstand, the book opens and, at another click, a new page will open in a browser, where a number of photographs taken of this particular book can be viewed.
By clicking again on the book laid open on the bookstand (OR into the book), the book will close, and "fly back", return to its place on the shelf.

Navigation is facilitated by some pre-set/pre-established fix(ed) points, such as "the library", "the bookshelves", "bird's eye view", "the courtyard of the castle", "the bottom of the stairs", "the gate", "a passage".

For those not possessing a player to view VMRL, we offer a number of captures or a lite version where the 3D recontstuction presents only a few dozen books but creates the illusion of the full version.

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Captures from the VRML application