Bibliotheca Zriniana

Beside the numerous works published earlier on the history of the Zrínyi Library there is a modern comprehensive monography available, too. The book titled The History and Holdings of the Bibliotheca Zriniana (Written and compiled by Gábor Hausner, Tibor Klaniczay, Sándor Iván Kovács, István Monok, Géza Orlovszky. Ed. by Tibor Klaniczay. Budapest: 1991) appeared as the 4th volume of the Zrínyi Library Series.

A Bibliotheca Zriniana története
A concise history of the Bibliotheca Zriniana
Povijest Bibliothece Zriniane

"A research team of five members, BZ in Zagrebwho were to complete this work in the end, could do the work under highly favourable conditions. The contract of cooperation between the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Jugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb made possible for the members of the research team to spend long spells of time in succession in Zagreb studying the extant volumes of the Zrínyi library. All of the highly favourable working conditions and research opportunities were offered to the team by the National and University Library of Zagreb. With the consent of the direction, we could take photographs of the title pages of books and of the pages contaning marginal notes for research purposes, in order that we may subject the texts to close scrutiny and go into the details and scholarly minutiae of our work after our return to Hungary. When we want to express our gratitude and thanks to the direction and staff of the Library for the sympathy shown to colleagues and fellow scholars, our special and heartfelt thanks should go first and foremost to the head of the department of special collections, " (Cit. from the Klaniczay's foreword)